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Upgrade your business with a digital "QR" MENU

digital catalogues, touchless restaurant menu with QR code. Your restaurant menu, now is online in your customers’ hand.

Digital Menu

Grow your business with digital menu. Protect your staff and customers with contactless digital catalogs.

Reduce the cost

With the online catalogs you have much lower costs. Forget the high design and printing costs. Forget catalog damages and maintenance.


Dynamic update of your list. Quickly and immediately adjust your prices, add and hide products from your menu.

Multilingual MENU

Attract more customers. Create your menu in different languages and make a difference. Save time on service.

Cloud interface

You don't need any application to use it. Your menu is in the cloud. The only thing that users need to do, is to open their phone and read the QR-Code.

Vision problems?

Put an end to customers' complaints about small letters in catalogs. Now, with this digital solution, they can zoom in and see even the smallest detail in the menu.

MENU is easy now.
Are you ready to make your menu really friendly?

Increase the number of the orders. Are you owner of a restaurant or Bar? Does it take much time for your client to get a menu, to make a choice and order from it? Don’t all menu items go with a high-quality image and a detailed description? Do you feel that you are losing orders? You can do it better! Menurio is the web application that gives you the best choice!

Our application is web interface adaptable to all smart devices. No application needs to download from any application store. 

See our competitive plans


Menu editing
Store unique page
Personalized Sticker Design
10 QR stickers for free
Main language menu
Future features
Extra Languages
Menu Translation (w/ extra fee)
Dynamic Content Option
Unlimited Changes from you


Menu editing
Store unique page
Personalized Sticker Design
50 QR stickers for free
Main language menu
Future features
+3 LANGUAGES, +50€/language
Menu Translation (w/ extra fee)
Dynamic Content Option
Unlimited Changes from you

discover the latest
digital MENU technology.
SCAN or CLICK the QR-Code to see a demo.

You don’t have to think too much! Our Basic Plan lacks nothing. The cost for your business, will be under 0.50€ per day. Not only you save money, but also you ” save yourself ” from many other troubles. Do you still think about it?


Trees saved

1 0 +


0 K +

Items Display

0 +

Pages Load

0 M +

With menurio we make all numbers count.

We care about the environment With our digital catalogs we limit the use of plastic and paper to 95%. It is certainly not a significant contribution to the global ecosystem. From our part it is the best we can do to help save our Planet though.

Maximize your revenue with digital menu.
Menurio is the #1 Menu WebApp that helps you increase your revenue by digitizing the eating and drinking experience.

“The menurio web application really works for us especially when we're busy, our customers can view our digital menu while they're waiting."

Yalla Beach Bar Owner, Greece

“We got faster orders. Our ability to promote the items we choose increased significantly. In some menu categories, we have around 60-70% jump. Plus, no more paper menu printing and design costs. We change anything we want, anytime by ourselves on our tablet menu..”

Coffee store owner

“Our customers are very happy, they have embraced this new technology and are happy to fool around with our menu. They have it during their meal and for this reason the supplements have increased by 35%.”

Hotel owner in Greece

Build the MENU of your store easily and quickly,
with just a few clicks!